Alison Kritzer

Alison Kritzer began Pranic Healing in 2013. She has broad training in energy healing & intuitive arts, having studied and practiced several other forms of energy medicine as well as Kabbalah and intuitive channeling. Alison also practices Arhatic Yoga.

With Pranic Healing, Alison has helped many people with pain, joint mobility, weight loss & food cravings, asthma, sinus/sore throat/respiratory problems, hair growth, skin rash, grief, anxiety, stress and other physical and emotional issues.

Alison's pro bono work includes several local non-profits that support recovery from addiction. She also volunteers at Being One Center in Warminster PA; serves on the Board of Awaken Center for Human Evolution; runs a twice-monthly Meditation & Healing night at Awaken; and manages The Awaken Blog, a weekly publication featuring local & global writers on healing and related topics.

Alison holds a BS in Physics and an MBA. She has been a healthcare market research analyst since 1993.

For Alison's website, or to schedule a Pranic Healing session in Warrington or Warminster, click here.

An Evening of Pranic Healing is held on the first and third Sundays of each month, in Warrington, PA. For details, click here.


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