Krupa Sivamurthy, MD

Krupa Sivamurthy, MD, DNB is a Pranic Healing Instructor and Executive Medical Director of the Pranic Healing Research Institute. Dr. Sivamurthy was first introduced to Pranic Healing a decade ago, when she was exploring options for a holistic approach to disease and health. She is a Certified Associate Pranic Healing practitioner and seamlessly integrates Pranic Healing into every aspect of her life.

Dr. Sivamurthy is a Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist and the Medical Affairs Product Lead for the Sickle Cell Program at Pfizer, Inc. During her extensive career in India and the U.S. in the bio-pharma industry, she delivered medical input into various operational processes, registration programs, regulatory affairs, as well as new business opportunities. Dr. Sivamurthy is also responsible for publications and presentations at various scientific meetings.  

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